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Completing the challenge

Today I completed #100daystooffload!

My roundup following Doug Belshaw’s post a little.


It took me 339 days to finish. I wrote about programming and people I find inspiring, about communities and platforms.

I think I learned a few things along the way, writing a blog post was a motivation to try something which could eventually help me for my job. Summarizing and to put it in own words gives me a way to look up and recall terms and concepts. Also it helped letting things to.

I just can recommend to try it out yourself! Either privately in a journal, or by participating in that challenge.

So my blogging project will pause. If I feel like writing there are other options, like working on another Wikipedia article.

This is day 100 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts within the time of a year.