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I am going to wrap up #100daystooffload with my next article. As I mentioned before, there were a couple of reasons I liked to participate in this challenge:

  • I wanted to have a blog for a long time
  • 100daystooffload gives you a chance to write tech articles different from those you see often in the web
  • I liked the idea to offload things, which I kept thinking about for longer

Articles are often much like “hey I figured this out and I am one of the first who did and like to tell you about it”. But the setting of this challenge is different and allows you to just write what you like to write about.

I think I haven’t offloaded all those things from the past couple of years. The reason is I now see this blog as some kind of room and all the articles could be little paintings hanging at the wall, or sculptures. Soon it’ll be done and no new pieces will be added to that room. But it’s a place I can go to, I can also shut the door and leave it like it is.

Some things I don’t want to be in there. They’re disappearing anyway and become less and less important and I hope it stays that way.

This is day 99 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts within the time of a year.