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That was 2021 – the second year of the pandemic. I struggled less than in 2020 I believe. It was good to participate in #100daystooffload. Perhaps a mistake, too, it is hard to say. Isn’t it just time-consuming and pointless?

I am still recovering from surgery because of my broken foot and I am with constant headaches. I have headaches occasionally but just for a day and then they disappear. Now I have headaches every day for a week or longer and I hope it is nothing serious which comes from my medication.

I need to slow down extra activites in 2022. Obviously #100daystooffload will be completed then, maybe the rest will be fine or I need to step out of some other stuff, too.

This is day 93 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts in a year.