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Live coding

At OSCON 2018 I saw two ladies I found really impressing. They both held a live coding session, one of them even on a main track! They had much fun while coding, although a whole audience was watching. They made mistakes, they fixed it, talked the whole time while joking.

I did not see something similar before and usually can identify better with women than men, so felt encouraged and thought, would I be able to do the same?

The sessions where

For the love of plants, starring Tessel and React
by Tara Z. Manicsic


Live coding: OSCON edition
by Suz Hinton

Live coding is something one can practice. I do it once in a while and feel more and more comfortable.

I think I’m more relaxed if people watch my screen on a big monitor and sit or stand in front of me or if I share my screen online. I do not like someone standing behind me, staring over my shoulders. But this is rarely happening now, luckily..

This is day 81 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts in a year.