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The first year with the FSFE Women

The FSFE Women exist for several months now. In April we met for the first time and once in a month since then. Usually we come up with a topic for the upcoming meeting, usually either anything technical or gender-related.

We had a look at App Inventor, a platform to build mobile applications with a block-based programming language. We also discussed aspects of accessiblity of video conferencing platforms, FSFE’s efforts to establish Public Money? Public Code! in European politics, and had a look how to build maps for virtual 2D worlds.

Once I presented scientific papers about gender differences when learning to code and monoeducational programs to study computer science for women and now we work on getting ready to be able to show off in online conferences and reach out to others who might be interested.

Maybe that has to do with my generation, and since women drop out of IT, this is not getting any better. But for me it is special to talk about programming with women, and not only men. This is why this group matters a lot to me and I hope it can grow and become important for other women, too.

This is day 71 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts in a year.