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Beyond Bergfest

I’m now past 50 articles as part of my 100daystooffload series, in Germany we would say, ich bin übern Berg, beyond Bergfest. Bergfest you celebrate when you’re in the middle of something, half of the project is over.

The first 50 articles were the easiest. I really wanted to have a blog for a long long time. Especially when I worked with CRM and started building things where I could not find any explanation online, I thought, I could just write the first explanation myself and publish it. Meanwhile you can find articles in the web, how to use AngularJS in Dynamics CRM.

Still my blog project never came to life. I doubted I could keep it up and publish articles on a regular basis.

But the whole setting of 100daystooffload is different. Quality doesn´t matter as much as publishing regularily.

I think it’s a nice experiment and I believe I can finish the challenge until the end of January. But I also realized at some point, that I just stepped in the trap of hustle culture. Doing a lot, being super productive, so this very typical cultural thing you get into when you’re working in tech. I’m not sure, if I like that, mayuko clearly doesn’t. Still I believe it should not take too much effort to complete the challenge from here on.

This is day 65 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts in a year.