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Recording your thoughts

This weekend I came across an episode of the podcast Chaos Radio Express: Sprechendes Denken.

Moritz Klenk has created the podcast “Podlog” in 2017 in which he publishes an episode each and every day throughout a whole year. The episodes were all monologues. Moritz is talking to himself, mainly about his work, which was a PhD thesis about aspects of religion and science in context of the internet. Finally, the podcast project became his thesis! It’s interesting to hear from Moritz how talking to himself and recording that changed his way of thinking over time and gave him a basis to analyse his thoughts.

“Sprechendes Denken” highly reminded of #100daystooffload. Publishing each and every day is a lot, but 100 articles in a year is quite an amount, too. I knew, I had to publish ~33 articles by the end of May and there should be 40 articles by the end of June. I like to slow down during the summer months, so I should publish more beforehand. I was falling behind, in the beginning, I threw out an article almost every day. But I have a list of eight topics at the moment, which I like to write about and this list has never been empty.

This blog gives me the ability to see, which topics matter to me and when. I noticed, that there are “seasons”, new topics pop up, stay for a while and also go again. I like to experiment more with programming, and also want to write about that, so when I’m “offloaded”, maybe I can get that going again.

This is day 40 of my #100daystooffload series, a challenge to write 100 blog posts in a year.